Bruce Enrietto

Bruce Enrietto

Welcome!  I hope you find my musings and things that I share at least somewhat entertaining.  

It is difficult for a video to truly capture a town.  While we all pay attention to sports teams and the P&L District, there are SO many other things to see in Kansas City.  This video from Tim Lair

I did the Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend. I called out three people and one of them agreed with a person that wrote "This seems to focus
We always mourn the loss of a true artist and celebrity. Robin Williams was an absolute
Everyone talks about the obesity epidemic in the United States. Sure, it's great if you're a chubby chaser or if looks really don't matter to you, but overweight people are
Thursday, 24 July 2014 09:05


First, let me say I'm not a fan of the books E. L. James released on society. I think she is NOT a gifted author. But she
It's a common complaint from women in the online dating world. Creepy guys with bad pickup lines. Most of the lines in the video below have been used as
Yesterday, my shirt and Libet's shirt almost matched. She wanted to take a selfie with me to post. At first, she handed me the phone because my arms are longer. The results of that shot are below. She made fun of me and showed me how to take a selfie.
The problems of being a single man seem to hit earlier and earlier these days.
We watched her grow up as DJ Tanner on "Full House". Now, this wife, mother, and actress is a
Just in case you've never seen "Catfish", it's a show on MTV created by Nev Schulman that exposes people that
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