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Thursday, 25 April 2013 11:29

The $100 Bill Gets a Makeover [PHOTOS]

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Remember when our money used to just be green?  These days our $5 bills are covered in purple, our 10s are covered in red, our 20s are in blue, and no one really has 50s anymore so I don't remember what color they use. Now, our $100 bills are about to be covered in GOLD.

The Federal Reserve just released the first images of the brand new $100 bills, which will go into circulation this October

Let's face it.  Our lives are hectic.  Even slowing down for a simple picnic requires a lot of time and preparation.  Getting the food ready and making sure the presentation is pretty, getting the kids in the car, THEN prying the husband away from whatever sporting event he's watching.  Here's a quick way to get your watermelon cut and ready for the day's events. 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 13:18

Sexiest Jobs for Men and Women

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It seems that every time I turn around, there is another survey about what men and women find sexy.  This time it comes from an infidelity website in Australia called  According to their subscribers, these are the sexiest professions for men and women. 

How was your commute today?  You'll understand at 1:06, 1:18 and 1:36 points of the video.  


The FBI released these thermal images of the second bombing suspect from Friday (4/19).  It is pretty amazing how well you can make out his position in the boat. 



As a broadcaster, there are certain things you just don't do.  The most important thing we avoid is swearing on the air.  Everyone is nervous and uncomfortable their first few days on at a new station.  This guy let it get the best of him.  


Caroline Dhavernas is on NBC's new show "Hannibal".  She took time out to call in this morning (4/18) to talk about the show. 

I've always been a Heather Locklear fan.  THIS put her on my list of "future ex-wives."  

We've seen our share of tragedy in this country over my lifetime.  We always seem to pull together as a nation when faced with adversity.  Here's one example of it in the wake of the bombings in Boston.

Let me preface the main point of this article with this: My heart absolutely goes out to those that lost loved ones or were injured in the bombings at the Boston marathon.  I'll also say that this post is a little more serious than what I'll put up on a regular basis.  That said, It seems I struck a nervie on tmy Facebook yesterday when i mentioned that we need "stricter bomb control."

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