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Bruce Enrietto

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Corporal Josh Hargis from Cincinnati was in the middle of his fourth tour in Afghanistan on October 6th, when he was seriously injured by a

I LOVE the "Bad Lip Reading" videos.  I get a kick out of the way they twist words into a story.  If you're not familiar, just see the

Our goal is always to see our children happy.  Sometimes, they're

It's no secreat that I don't like to fly.  It isn't that I'm afraid to, I enjoy the actual flight and getting where I'm going faster than driving.  I DON'T like

I grew up watching Suzanne Somers.  Three's Company, She's the Sheriff, Step by Step, and of course I mention one other thing

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 08:52

This would save time on doing the dishes. [VIDEO]

I'm impressed.  Look at how well

It's your wedding day.  You've been planning it for months or, in some cases, years.  The cake has been decorated, tuxes rented, dresses purchased (Much to the chagrin of the bridesmaids because

Don't play this video if you can get into trouble at work or if there are little ears around.  Terry Bradshaw talks about having self respect, but I want to know: Just who's mother is he talking about? 

I'm not sure exactly why this guy is carrying his girlfriend through the water.  It doesn't seem like

The classic pop/country band Exile is going to play in Garden City, KS as part of the Southwest Kansas Live On Stage season.  The band has been around for