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I try to be a good neighbor.  I don't play loud music.  My parties aren't loud.  I do have a dog....

The "Beef Empire Days" are coming to Garden City!  We all love beef and let's face it ladies, you all love beefcakes.  With the popularity of "Magic Mike", I figured I would give you something besides cows to look at for the occasion.  Introducing

When you want to spice things up . . . but don't want to commit to anything that takes effort . . . moving from the bedroom to another spot in the house is a good, lazy solution.  So which room do you head to?

In a new survey

Back in February, someone started a dumb trend on YouTube called "gallon smashing", where you walk through a grocery store carrying two gallons of milk, throw them on the ground, and pretend to slip on them.  

A few teenagers actually got arrested for doing it.  But they got off easy compared to THIS guy.

iovanni Rebolledo is a dangerous gang member in Colombia.  Last year, he was sentenced to 60 years in prison for robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and torture.


But earlier this year he managed to BREAK OUT of prison . . . and he never turned up, even after a massive nationwide manhunt.  Now we know why.


Turns out Giovanni dropped $18,000 on a SEX CHANGE to become "Rosalinda."  And, as the cops put it, it was a, quote, "convincing sex change."  They're right, we've seen the photos.  Sex reassignment surgery, nose job . . . the whole bit.  

Oh, and Giovanni also got himself some GARGANTUAN BREASTS.  They really distract you from everything else.


Rosalinda also got a job.  For the past two months, she's been working as a PROSTITUTE in Barranquilla, in northern Colombia.  The cops finally busted Giovanni-slash-Rosalinda during a regular sweep for prostitutes in the area. 


See before and after pictures below.



n China, a bike-riding bear ended its race with a bike-riding monkey . . . by trying to

I was at Samy's for happy hour yesterday and there were a few people there venting about work.  It seems one of them had an incident with his boss that day.  We've all been there, but this story caught my attention. 

"The Great Gatsby" is opening this weekend. put togetehr their list of the 11 worst movie

Thursday, 09 May 2013 08:22

This Kid Has a GREAT Point! [VIDEO]

We've all talked back to our teachers.  Most of the time, we were just being smart alecs.  This kid is upset because he doesn't

Yes.  This guys IS a hero.  He's also hilarious!  I had a feeling someone would auto-tune